Someone in my English class mentioned he is worried about the hearing damage that can result from using iPod earbuds. This is something i have thought about before, but had never really looked into. I remember my choir teacher in high school making this comparison: Listening to music is like playing in the sprinklers or taking a shower, wearing earbuds is like taking two hoses and sticking them into your ears.

I found a news clip from NPR’s Morning edition that is pretty interesting and informative, especially the rap portion.

Check it out:

NPR Morning Edition: Earbuds may cause hearing loss

Now, I typically listen to my iPod with the volume set at exactly halfway. I don’t use the little white iPod earbuds though. I have some skullcandy earphones that have little rubber edges to create a seal.

Apparently that is supposed to isolate the sound a bit, so I don’t need to turn up the iPod as loud. As to whether it is any safer for my hearing, I’ll have to update you in a few decades.

Anyone have any recommendations or thoughts on the matter? Best practices? Horror stories?